We are recruiting a talented and motivated postdoctoral fellows (PDF) to lead innovative and transformational research at MiNa lab

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We are also seeking a laboratory research staff having a background in software, electrical, or similar engineering/science field to develop programs to help control various prototypes, store and analyze data, and perform advanced machine learning techniques.

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Our hiring process for PDFs and students includes the following three steps:

Step 1: Introductions

Selected applicants will be invited for a preliminary interview. During this meeting, be prepared to share your past and current research and extracurricular experiences. Our team will ask you a series of questions to determine whether our lab and research would align with your interests and goals, such as how well you work in a team versus independently. One important question we will ask you during this interview is about your experiences and knowledge on topics involving equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Find out more about why this matters to us here! At the end of this interview, we should be able to assess whether you would make a good fit for one or more of our currently available and funded projects. Don't be shy to share all of your skills and experiences.

Step 2: Research questions

In the second round of your interview, our team will send you a 1-page research challenge/question. You will be required to provide us with a proposed study or methodology to solve or investigate the research question. Your response doesn't require a lot of detail, just a one-page or 1-slide response will suffice. We are looking to learn about your approach to problem-solving and your ability to propose and draft research solutions. This will help us assign your thesis project or topic down the road if you are selected to move forwards (ee stage 3).

Step 3: Recommendation

Congratulations! Our team has decided that you would make a great fit for our research and lab and we invite you to apply for graduate studies at our lab . We will provide a positive recommendation for your admission to Dr. Mina Hoorfar. Once she approves, we welcome you to submit your application for your desired program.

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